Automatic Cleaners

The upkeep on a swimming pool can seem overwhelming, and it's one of the reasons many people do not consider having their own pool. With the recent advances in technology, however, finding a quality pool cleaner can make all the difference in the world. Robotic pool cleaners can sense the best and most efficient method to travel around the pool and along the sides. The result? A spotless pool. Another type of pool cleaner uses water pressure to power itself through your pool. Popular pressure-driven pool cleaners are the Polaris 360, Polaris 280 and Pentair Legend. Some of these more-powerful, larger pressure pool cleaners require an additional booster pump to drive it through the water. Suction pool cleaners, such as the Kreepy Krauly or the Hayward Pool Vac Ultra, are also very popular. These pool cleaners use a vacuum function to pass your pool water through a filter or debris bag, as it dives and craws across the entire surface and floor of your pool, leaving your pool thoroughly cleaned every time.

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