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Sodium Hypochlorite

Sodium hypochlorite is a great way to disinfect your pool. It's a great alternative to calcium hypochlorite for places with hard water and high calcium hardness.

Pool Chlorine

It has a nice yellowish color, is stronger but chemically identical to regular grocery store bleach, and has 15 – 20% available chlorine and a pH level of about 13.

This liquid swimming pool chlorine is the choice of many pool owners because it produces an excellent cleaning agent called hypochlorous acid when it comes in contact with water.

It can be poured directly into the pool but it’s recommended by many pool experts to first dilute the Sodium Hypochlorite in water.

The best way to add liquid swimming pool chlorine is to start in the deep end of the pool and walk it around the perimeter. You need to avoid contact with liquid swimming pool chlorine because it will bleach out clothes and may cause burns if not properly handled.

Liquid swimming pool chlorine has a shelf life and it will continue to degrade over time.

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The following is available through our home delivery service only and can not be shipped via UPS. This service only available in select zip codes in the state of Florida.

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